100% ROMANIAN brand!
We invite you to the nearest Lem’s showroom!
68 cities, 76 stores, 70.000 sqm, 850 employees!
Since 2004, based on a franchise-like business model, LEM’S has become the largest network of stores specialized in the sale of high-quality furniture.

Created on the “Furniture Exhibition in Your City” principle, the LEM’S store transmits a mood: Enjoy your home!
You can see our entire range of furniture in stores, where trained staff helps you choose the furniture that suits you.
In every Lem’s store, you will find complete transportation and installation services, additional services to the sale of furniture. Please contact your nearest Lem’s store for an exact calculation of these services.

  • Website: http://www.lemet.ro
  • Email: constanta3@magazinelems.ro
  • Phone: 0730 118 536 / 0728 074 357