Meli Melo – Paris opened the first store in 1998, in Bucharest, currently owning a total of 61 stores, including 1 exclusive store, 2 department stores, 3 stores in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), 3 stores in Sofia (Bulgaria), 3 stores in Belgrade (Serbia) and 6 stores exclusively dedicated to home decorations, Meli Melo deco and 1 online shop –

 The product categories found in Meli Melo – Paris stores are addressed to both young ladies and women with an independent fashion style in search of special accessories and fashion trends.

Joie de Vivre, Meli Melo – Paris spring / summer 2019 collection

Joie de Vivre is the name of the Meli Melo – Paris Spring / Summer 2019 collection and is conceived as a diaphanous game in a magical world that reveals a selection of clothing and accessories in delicate shades and silk textures or organic accents.

One of the Joie de Vivre themes is the Boho Chic style, a constant of the Meli Melo – Paris collections, in which the oversized blouses and embroidered cotton blouses are accentuated by necklaces at the base of their delicate, long and silver bracelets and brass. Together, they form lightweight outfits that awaken the desire to walk barefoot through the sand on the beach as a holiday escape at the seashore.

Slim silk gowns have stylized floral prints, keeping the shades of pink, greyish or purple shades underneath, and are accompanied by lightweight baler, sharpened, embroidered, or decorated with rhinestones.

Two-piece bathing suits with a high waist or a piece of black-charcoal tones, sometimes with vegetal prints and turning to vibrant colors (red, orange, purple, turquoise), accessory with dress-gowns and golden beach slippers. The straw hats are large, simple and along with the woven or monochrome or multicolored braided beach baskets, the playful note of the entire collection.

We expect you to identify your style and accessories that you need for a fabulous appearance!