Leading omnichannel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer electronic retailer in Central and Eastern Europe, with vertically-integrated network reaching more than 317 million consumers across 21 countries. Our well-known, trusted and enjoyable international brands are present all around the world.
Retail plays an important part for us in acquiring new customers and retaining the current ones. In our 364 retail stores of different sizes (from 25 to 500 m2) across Central and Eastern Europe customers have opportunity to see, touch, feel and try our products, compare and evaluate them, get professional advice from trained sales personnel and purchase products on site – without having to wait or pay for the delivery.
We work hard to ensure the shopping process is always comfortable and enjoyable for our customers. We focus on quality service and enhancing customer’s in-store experience. With regular trainings we make sure our sales personnel is equipped with the right knowledge to help customers and to fully use each and every interaction to cross- and up-sell our products.Friendly service from our sales personnel ready to assist our customers, fully stocked shelves and homely experience through merchandising & ambience – this is what our branded retail stores are all about.